Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here Kitty, Kitty

It's been a while since I posted Linkitties, but here are a few for you, mostly about zombies and knitting . . .

Zombies are alive and well (dead and well?) in Austin, TX.

My friend Cesar Torres is having a whole Zombie Week on his blog.

Kelly Link is so nifty you should buy her books, but if you need to be convinced first you can read two stories about zombies, "The Hortlak" and "Some Zombie Contingency Plans" from Magic for Beginners on her website.

And while we're on zombies, when I lived in LA, I had fun hanging out with the cast and crew of American Zombie, the first feature by documentarian Grace Lee. Love it!

VCFA grad Micol Ostow is celebrating the launch of The Bradford Novels with a blog bash. I'm pretty fascinated the potential of transmedia storytelling. I dig this post by Larry Kless on the subject. All the Bradford characters have their own blogs, their school has a website, etc. It's a mini-universe, and I am more than a little jealous of the models portraying the characters. I didn't realize until I saw their pictures that it was a childhood fantasy of mine to BE a book character.

You may have heard that Neil Gaiman won this year's Newbery Medal for The Graveyard Book. Well, he also wrote Coraline, a book which makes me swoon and which comes out as a movie February 6th. The director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Neil Gaiman, and KNITTING, all in one movie?

I can't deal!

And you know what else is neat? The movie people are sending funky boxes to bloggers, like my beloved Knitty. Animation Archive has collected links to a lot of them.

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