Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am so tired, I could eat a . . . wait

I wanted to share that I won a scholarship prize for my critical thesis, "Growing Up Marvelous: Coming of Age and the Fantastic in Novels for Young Readers," and I'll be reading a bit from it tomorrow.

I learned a bunch from writing it, so I have no complaints about the work it required, but this is some yummy icing -- buttery, not so sweet that it hurts my teeth.

I'm also thrilled to report that the Super Secret Society of Quirk and Quill threw a sweet party for this semester's graduates, The Revisionistas. We latched onto their penchant for "slicing and dicing the written word" and went with a Clue theme, framing them as suspects in the murders of some of our favorite characters . . . This would be Humpty Dumpty.

"Who poisoned Pooh's honey pot? Who whacked the Wild Thing?"

Other highlights from the last couple of days included a book discussion on Unwind, The Adoration of Jenna Fox, and The Moon Came Down on Milk Street.

Jean Gralley, author of that last one, came to give her presentation on the digital potential for picture books, "Books Unbound." She was full of enthusiasm, and super inspiring. Check out the Digital Stories section of her website.

We also found out who our new advisors will be! I'll be working with Martine Leavitt. I admire her so much, my mind's a little blown.

We're keeping warm, but as you can see, it's a wee bit snowy here.

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Mikey said...

Hey, Rachel. Kudos on the kudos. You should be proud.