Friday, January 30, 2009

Logic Brain

I can feel mine growing. I took a break from my novel thinking to write a poetry challenge Julie Larios offered on the VCFA forum. The challenge I accepted was to write a poem in which every line has an end-rhyme with the word "doughnut." Mine turned out to be completely inappropriate for children (and maybe for this blog), but I enjoyed the mental gymnastics.

Today, I got all fired up about a new middle grade story idea. I spent a good chunk of time writing a chapter, just exploring, and an equal amount of time outlining! This is new for me, to outline before writing very far, but I think it's good to practice the opposite of what makes you comfortable. Most people either lean towards intuitive, exploratory first drafts, or they outline and structure like crazy before they write a word. I definitely fall into the first camp, but I'm going to see what happens if I take the other path. So far, it's fun.

Currently reading: Rex Zero and the End of the World by VCFA's Tim Wynne-Jones. Having heard Tim read a bunch, it's really fun to hear his voice coming through so loud and clear in this book.

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