Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When I am writing I do not love you . . .

. . . is what one writer posts on the wall of her office to remind her loved ones to give her peace when she's at work. I love you, but I will not be posting much for the next ten days.

Tuesday morning before the sun, I beat the blizzard and made it to the Vermont College of Fine Arts for my fourth residency.

The Super Secret Society of Quirk and Quill have already held a number of top secret meetings to discuss the party we're throwing for the graduating students, a joint wedding and baby shower for two of our own, and our graduation plans for next summer.

That is on top of all our normal meetings, readings, lectures, workshops, talks with visiting writer Carolyn Coman, and general hanging-out-iness. I'm in love with this place and these people, and I'm having a little trouble dealing with the fact that my last semester is here.

Also, I have a cold, but it is cold here, so that seems appropriate.

Before I left, I started reading Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link. Sigh. She's one of those writers who makes me want to write. To write better. So sweet. So jealous.

Sleep time has come. Posts will be sporadic at best.


taipalmgren said...

Yay. Get well. Enjoy the book. And talk to me about it when you're done.

Rachel Wilson said...