Monday, November 3, 2008

Scraps, Shaq, Elections, Edamame, and Me, Rachel

Here ends a rockstar Monkey day. I am tired-ed.

We performed 19 all new stories at the Cleveland School this morning. I am personally most proud of our adaptation of "The Apple Family" in which the Apple Family (apple dogs and all) get devoured by a real dog, Shiloh McRufus. Imagine if you will a cross between puppet theater and The Hills Have Eyes. "Shiloh McRufus ate Scraps! I can see his seeds!"

Also, I played Shaq. See the resemblance?

Later, Joe and our volunteer teacher Caleb and I taught a thrilling after-school class.

Tomorrow night, I'll be going down to Grant Park with Obama with, oh, maybe a million other people. The ticketed area holds about 70,000 people. Those tickets were gone in minutes. I'll be going as someone's guest -- and I feel pretty lucky about that.

But wait, Rachel, where does writing fit into all of this?

Um. I guess my personal meeting with Obama (and one million other people) will have to wait until after I get some writing done tomorrow morning.

Also, I am eating chocolate with edamame in it. Amazing.

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