Sunday, May 25, 2008

Colonial touches and autumnals

I'm starting Apartment Therapy, using the book by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. I don't think I'll ever post pictures of my home improvements on the website or get into an online chat about colonial touches and autumnals, BUT, I work hard, and I deserve a space that makes me feel at home and helps me get that work done.

Did that sound like an affirmation? It is. And I'm writing it out here, because this is an area where I have shaky confidence and low to no motivation. Compared to home decoration, writing is like breathing.

My parents used to tease me about having blinders on, being so stuck in my head that I wouldn't notice a rearrangement of the furniture unless said furniture caught fire. Maybe not even then. But I do believe that your environment affects you, and not just subconsciously.

It affects you pretty consciously when you step out of your room and are horrified to see that your dog puked all over the kitchen floor, and start gathering what you need to clean it up, except, wait, hold the phone, that's not dog puke, that's a hair-tie made of orange fishnet stockings and a safety pin that's been on the floor, in a less middle-of-the-path position for longer than you can remember. It's been worn all of once, and weren't you supposed to give that back to your sister last time you visited? And aren't you both a little old to be wearing hair-ties made with safety pins? And is it super ugly, or is your lighting just really bad that you mistook it for dog puke? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Good bye hair-tie. Good bye other crap that has no business cluttering up my life.


Chris said...


Good luck with your Apartment Therapy cure and let us know how we can help. We have a great community on our Chicago site. Are you sure you don't want to send in any pics to show off your progress?

Best wishes!

Rachel Wilson said...

Awww, I feel supported.