Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Forbidden things

I'm finishing up work for my packet and have just wrapped up another Monkey-filled weekend (rehearsal for Chalmers, Grandma, company meeting) -- hence no posts of late -- and no word counts, though I assure you, they've been up there. I so exhausted myself by Sunday evening that I set my alarm for a two-hour nap at 5, and woke up at 10, feeling completely upside-down and disoriented.

Among other things, I've been working on an essay on poet, C.D. Wright. In one of her essays, "69 Hidebound Opinions," she stresses the importance of the physical, of touch, in poetry. She writes,
"These are some of the things I have touched in my life that are forbidden: paintings behind velvet ropes, electric fencing, a vault in an office, a gun in a drawer, my brother's folding money, the poet's anus, the black holes in his heart, where his life went out of him."

What have you touched in your life that is forbidden? I'm still working on my list. Or, I will be, after I finish my packet . . .

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