Friday, May 16, 2008

A last even of last times

The packet's in, the Chalmers show is done, and I am weary.

I spent a long while today writing a sort of tribute post on the Monkey blog to two guys who have meant a lot to me, Jonathan Mastro and Eric Silverberg. They performed their last Monkey school show at Chalmers on Thursday. It made me remember doing my "last" show of That's Weird, Grandma! (which I'm back in, come see it!) before I moved to LA. Leaving Monkeys, not knowing whether I'd be back, made me so sad, but doing the"last" show was a blast. I put aside melancholy thoughts and just celebrated the present moment. I get better and better at doing that over time.

That post title's from a Samuel Beckett poem my acting teacher made our class learn in college, "Cascando." I loved that poem in college, still do, but it's not all so desperate. The present surprises us by being nicer than the past. We do things for the last time without recognizing them as the last, and by the time we realize, it doesn't hurt as bad. Or the last time turns out not to be as final as we thought.

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