Friday, May 30, 2008

Good stuff, y'all

Accomplishment. Sigh.

I spent many hours revising this morning, the major overhaul on a 2,500 something section, and then lesser touches on two more big sections. Sigh.

After that, I ate some food -- I did do that, didn't I? Maybe not until dinner, but I did spend the following seven hours cleaning my apartment. It's amazing how much I still need to do, but it felt sooo good. I didn't rush, took breaks to file my nails or cut flower stems or burn incense or whatever, and I stopped to eat dinner while catching the latest Top Chef, but that was a concentrated effort. And fun. Sigh.

It did not escape my notice that part of what made the cleaning fun was that two guys were moving into the building at the same time. We kept passing each other on the stairs, them carrying all their worldly belongings; me making endless trips to the dumpster and outdoor drain. Cleaning's nothing compared to moving, and work always feels more fun when you know other people around you are working as well.

I have the teeniest hope that me posting my endless word counts and Sysyphian efforts at getting my life in order will be motivational slash comforting to someone else, sometimes. This is the hope of the blog.

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Spice Girl said...

it is motivational/comforting to see "Sysyphian" in print. What a lovely word. And apropos to my life too.