Thursday, May 8, 2008

Linkitty, link kitty, here, kitty, kitty

In my world . . .
I contributed a theatrical horror story to Punches then Flowers.

And wrote about adapting stories for Barrel of Monkeys on the blog there.

Lauren posted a fun pic from Picked Up, which you should go see other people do this weekend, because it's all new and different, and will be funny. It may not show in the photo, but my name tag reads, "Ass. Mgr."

Concerning the world at large . . .
Cesar blogged about a YA book that I'm really excited to read, Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. I'm often thrilled when YA gets political, plus, it's available for remix. Bold. And cool. Both.

Author and Vermont College alum, Carrie Jones, interviews VC prof Rita Williams-Garcia about dialogue at Through the Tollbooth. Having heard Rita read from her new book Jumped, it's full of amazing voices.

Stole a beautiful link from Gwenda to Jan Von Holleben's Dreams of Flying series, based on children's dreams. I love that on his site, he has a series of photos children have sent in inspired by their own dreams.

And finally, Alison Morris at Publishers Weekly blogs about the divide between those who love and those who hate Robert Munsch's bestselling picture book Love You Forever, the one where the mother climbs in the window to rock her grown-up son. It sparked a fun comment conversation that goes into mysogyny and codependence in The Giving Tree. Yes, folks, the picture book is political.

And on that note, I'm currently reading a collection of essays by Herbert Kohl called Should We Burn Babar? I'll let you know.

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