Thursday, May 29, 2008


I'm pretty sure this isn't interesting to anyone but me, but it helps me keep a sense of progress, so bear with me.

Okay, update. I revised only 559 tonight -- challenging. I'm working on a section that's written well, but my characters have changed so much since I've written it that I should perhaps be working from a blank page rather than trying to salvage what's there. I'm on the fence about that. Sometimes I get good stuff by working within an existing doc and then cutting the old after the new stuff's in place.

Yesterday was better. I worked one section into another and revised what's now about 2,500 words, and I wrote several short linking bits for a total of around 1,000 new. The linking bits are exciting and feel strange. I'm up to six that sort of feel like proper chapters. That's a fourth of the total pages I have right now. I anticipate adding and taking away a good bit before I'm done, but it's starting to feel like a book!

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johnny said...

Congrats on your progress!

I know that with songwriting, sometimes the best comes with revising something that you already have instead of starting all over...I'm sure the same goes for writing proper prose! :)