Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cracko Whacko

Today has been a weird day all around, but I'm only going to share the weirdest part. Around one pm, I get a call asking if I'd like to be a sub for a trio performance at Monkey-O-Kee, and can I come rehearse my part right now?

I was feeling the post-packet brain drain, and I wasn't getting any real work done, so I said sure.

And now I get to go crazy with Oona and Laura to this . . .

I had never seen it before. I hear it is very popular on the internets.

And no, it's not available on real karaoke. We'll have live backup from Monkey rockstar Mike Pryzgoda.

As part of a sponsored monkey team, I am now officially soliciting money in exchange for making a fool of myself. Dig deep.


taipalmgren said...





laura or kate said...

rachel i will pay you a dollar when i get there if you actually eat a cigarette butt.