Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love you, sweetness

At the VCFA winter residency, Jen tried to see how long a sentence she could make with Sweethearts. It says, "URA AWESOME ANGEL SUGAR PIE HONEY BUN ONLY YOU STIR MY (HEART SHAPE) DEAR ONE BE MINE MARRY ME SWEET LOVE."


Also, never propose via candy hearts. This is the sort of thing that is romantic to third graders. Turns out, not one of the things I thought was romantic in third grade is actually romantic. This includes:

red roses (snore)
sitting by me at lunch
unbridled cruelty between the sexes
that one episode of Thundercats where Lion-O and Cheetara accidentally kiss
having your friend ask my friend, "does your friend like my friend? Check yes or no."

To all my third grade readers, if his friend asks this of your friend, check, "No." Suggest to your friend and his friend that they look very cute together, and that, since they are both capable of making eye contact, they might be ready to sit together at lunch.

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