Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I feel like I got attacked by Dementors. Accordingly, I am resting up and eating chocolate ice cream.

It was a big weekend.

For one thing, this happened . . .

That's Pryzgoda, me, McKenzie, and Oona gearing up for "Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?" at Monkey-O-Kee. It's all for the children, people.

I also filled in for Christina Anthony in That's Weird, Grandma last night, which meant a lot of fast learning of parts, some of which were challenging for me. Case in point: Dancing with the Stars Girl. I'm the girl who, when asked to do a hiphop dance as part of "Jelly" had to be given one ridiculous move (drive the Mac truck, drive the Mac truck) to repeat ad infinitum. Dancing: not my forte.

Also, it is hard to get up and do life when your roommate does this all day.

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