Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crumble, crumble

This morning I woke up with the fear that I had titled my last post, "Crumble, crumble," instead of "Crumple, crumple."

This proves:

a) I am somewhat neurotic
b) I am a writer
c) Both

I'm going to go with c.

Today, I finished Naming Maya by my last advisor Uma Krishnaswami. I read most of it today actually because I couldn't stop. Reading books by people you like is so much fun. I felt like Uma was in the room with me.

Rarely before starting my program did I have the opportunity to read books by people I'd met in person. Since starting it, the list of books by people I like that I want to read keeps getting longer and longer. It's made me consider stopping posting what I'm reading because I feel so bad that I haven't yet had time to read everything I want to have read.

But that just means I have a really great, "to read" list, right? Right? Please don't be mad at me if I haven't read your book yet. I am somewhat neurotic.

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