Monday, February 23, 2009

Here Monkey, Monkey

I want to share a couple of Monkey-related links:

Barrel of Monkeys has launched a series of podcasts, and the first two, "The Haunted Piano" and "The Servant's Skills," are up on our website. Enjoy!

Also, Tai wrote a post about one of my favorite Monkey stories ever, "A Bad Day," which is enjoying a long run in That's Weird, Grandma right now. I scripted its first draft with some serious cheer contributions from Laura McKenzie, and every person who's performed it in TWG from August to now has added a bit. It's bit-tastic!

Two very selfish desires made the original story call to me -- the need to act out my lifelong fantasy of seeing two men cheer-fight to the death over me, and my drive to say this amazing line:

"I like both of the men."

Oh, "Bad Day," I feel you. And now you are a fan fave! Go team!

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