Wednesday, February 25, 2009

World Hearts Rachel

I'm in a creative muddle and a social slouch, so instead of a self-disclosing rant, I offer this disclosure:

What Rachel's doing at one in the morning when she should be sleeping . . .
Free Will Astrology

A friend showed me this website maybe a year ago. He knew it was a guilty pleasure, but he was also pretty sure it knew his life. I don't visit the site often, but it rarely disappoints. The readings are often abstract. Usually weird. But because they're so odd and open, they leave a lot of space for you to bring your own baggage to them . . . a little bit like reading tea leaves as described by my friend Laura.

Here are a few gems from this week's readings:
Beware of people who act like polite jerks or tone-deaf music critics or emotionally numb lovers.

As coffee drinking came into vogue in the 18th century, it became a driving force in the Age of Enlightenment.

If you put a corn chip in guacamole, take a bite, then dunk the chip in the bowl again, you're doing what's known as double-dipping. Scientists say it transfers about 2,750 bacteria from your mouth to the guacamole.

To me, Freewill says: "The world is once again falling deeply in love with you."

Me: Oh yeah, Freewill? It doesn't feel that way. Prove it!

Freewill: "Let's hope that on this occasion (unlike what happened the last two times) you will accept its adoration in the spirit in which it's given."

Me: So, what are you saying, that was my fault? I didn't . . . well this changes things. I didn't realize the world felt that way about me.

Apparently, me and the world need to work on our communication skills.

Also, while we're on guilty pleasures, over the last four days, I read Twilight and New Moon back to back -- just over a 1,000 pages of identifying with an obsessive, codependent, often suicidal, completely subsumed 17-year-old-girl with low self-esteem. So, there's that.

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