Monday, February 9, 2009


Parker and I have been burrowing. Before this weekend's thaw, the temperature inside my apartment was only marginally warmer than outside, which was freezing.

I spent several nights sleeping with hat, scarf, and legwarmers. See the computer in the bed? That's where it and I have been living -- under the down comforter.

At some point, you have to get out of bed no matter how cold it is. Here I am reading in front of the radiator.

In the alley outside my building, there was a layer of ice a good five or six inches thick. Somebody finally blasted it and left a pile of ice three feet high outside my window.

Nature and plowing made piles of ice and snow everywhere, like this one that's trying to eat a tree.

That's why it was so exciting this weekend, when the ice all melted, and I got to wear a skirt.

Currently reading: Dreamhunter by Elizabeth Knox. Yes!

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