Sunday, March 30, 2008

Compared to other people . . .

I just commented on this interesting post on The Writing Journey about how web writers are often thought of as less than "real writers," and how "real writers" sometimes look down on writing even blogs online. I do know a lot of writers with blogs. Web content gets more "legit" every day, and it's going to become increasingly important for print writers to keep a presence online. Just look at the number of YA and kids' authors who have blogs, interactive websites, and social networking pages. Young readers are used to finding everything, including print authors, online.

All my friends use Facebook, even though it wasn't a thing when I was in college, and I've been thinking about what it would be like to grow up with it. I can only imagine that it would mean endless drama, but then maybe kids who've grown up with it are desensitized. Maybe a kid who wants drama will find it with or without Facebook's help.

On Facebook, I just added the Compare People application. This application would completely freak me out if I thought anyone I knew took it seriously. Here are my distinctions: among my friends, I have the highest rank as someone you wouldn't mind being handcuffed to, and I'm the #2 best potential mother. The first one's a great compliment -- it suggests I'm not annoying. I might not be the best friend or the most loyal, but you could deal with my presence for an extended period of time without going crazy.

And the second . . . baffles me. And makes me a little proud. It means my friends don't think I'm crazy among other things. I like to think I'd make a good mother, but I really don't know. In my heart of hearts, I think I'm selfish. And then I think, well that's good, because I'd make an interesting role model, a mom who's pursuing her own dreams.

Yipes. But then I think about how last night at 11pm, I realized I hadn't yet fed my dog. Parker, Parker funny dog! How could I do that to you? Well, because we have a laissez-faire routine where I keep her dish mostly full and she eats only part of what I give her and saves the rest for later, and she'd probably eaten earlier in the day and she wasn't that hungry so she didn't remind me . . . so, okay, I think Parker forgives me, if she noticed at all. Her sleep schedule is as bad as mine. She's super healthy, but she doesn't know routine. That doesn't work with a baby. Yipes.

Not that I'm thinking about having one. At all. Anytime soon.

And the really funny part is that all these "rankings" that say so much about me are based on votes by about five people, and probably half of those folks don't really know me. So they don't really mean anything.

Still, it's really important for everyone to know that on my friend Kristie's page, I rank among the "most desirable."

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finalgirl said...

auaffhghhhhhh! the cutest picture ever! (zzzzz...i just fell asleep because it is too cute to look at.)