Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So my work for school is due tomorrow, and tonight, I'm MAKING A MOVIE -- a little tiny one for my theater company, but more on that later. Today's all about editing and writing my letter to my advisor.

I worked on essays all weekend to have them in shape for editing today, and yesterday was all creative work. Majorly revised a big section, which is now 2583 words. I ended up combinining another scene with it, and condensing like that felt good. I also did some revision and new writing on a section that's new for this packet: 3779 total, 1000 new as of yesterday. I surprised myself when I exported my work from Scrivener to Word and had about four more pages than I thought I had.

So, wow, productive day. And it wasn't a forced march either. I was into it. I even hit on a horribly awkward funny moment that made me giddy when I thought about it before my show last night, thinking, wow, I wrote that. I can be a funny person. Nothing like a deadline.

I've noticed that I'm getting visitors from other countries, sometimes via StumbleUpon, a site I hadn't even known about, but which seems pretty cool. If you tell them you stumbled upon me and that it relates to writing or theater or whatever, then people are more likely to stumble upon my blog, which, because I am an egotist, is cool.

Currently reading: A big stack of picture books.
My favorite so far: The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau by Jon Agee.

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