Friday, March 7, 2008


I just got an update from my old friend, Sara (I've linked to her blog). Turns out she's now, among other things, a balloon twister. Even cooler, she twists balloons when she travels, as a way of connecting with locals.

She has some pictures on her site from Guatemala, which I've just been researching since I hope to go there for a wedding next winter. When I read about the crowds at the airport and the chicken buses that will take you where you want to go but not necessarily when you want to go there, I admit, I got intimidated. I don't want to make this trip by myself. But as far as I can tell, she did. She even twisted balloons for the mannequin saint in Zunil. He fell off a bus, and people worship him as a gift from God. He loves balloons!

Sara's one of those people who has an idea and makes it happen. I'm one of those people who has an idea and thinks about it for a long time. I'm cool with this, but I also know that my life gets more interesting when I surround myself with people like Sara who inspire me to take a leap every now and then.

I made a decision earlier this week that left me feeling old -- smart maybe, responsible and sane -- but old. I made a good decision. I don't regret it, but I do want to make sure that I make "good decisions" like this for the right reasons. May I never let practicality or fear keep me from adventure. And may I never see myself as too old to learn a new skill, like balloon twisting.

Met my word goal for yesterday: 1020 revision, and it was like pulling teeth. Did another 500 something on the same section today, cut about 300 more, and I'm pretty happy with it for the time being. I realized part of what made it so hard was that I'm trying this scene as the opening of the book. I wanted to make it a perfect opening, a perfect introduction to my characters and themes and all that. And since there's no such thing as perfect, that was a silly goal. The word count was a better goal, because now I have something on paper, something I can change again whenever I want.

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