Monday, March 3, 2008


Finally, we've gotten enough warmth to make a difference, and it's doing weird things to my brain. I'm happy for the thaw, but it's a little overwhelming too. It inspires all kinds of indulgence. I had an aggressively unproductive day yesterday, but I think it was good for me. My dog was dreaming about running, yipping in her sleep, so for one thing, I took both of us on a long walk.

This morning, I felt like my brain had thawed. I did some loose outlining, just writing out my story -- a good 1072 words, and then later this afternoon, I did around 800 revision. Same section I tackled last time, going back and forth with tense and adding some tension and details that have been there in my head but not on paper.

Okay, here's a challenge -- John Green's dedication to his wife in An Abundance of Katherines is in the form of an anagrammatic poem. It inspired me to try my own full name. I'm going about this the lazy way, using Wordsmith, but I think it's warranted seeing as my full name can make over 50,000 anagrams. Mine's still more a list than a poem, but here's a go at it.

Post your own in comments if you dare . . .

"Girls wrote her almanac"

Mean gal, scholar, writer
A charisma teller grown
Sorrel warmth, angelica
Agrarian wretches' moll

Scarlatina germ howler
Sacramental whore girl
Alligators' new charmer
Amaranth's cowgirl reel

Archangel wails tremor
Stormier archangel law
Warier archangels molt
Maniacal regrets whorl

Her lost magical warren
Her magical errant owls

A macaw shelling terror
Her scalawag relit morn

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