Monday, March 17, 2008

Rich Mexican People in Heaven . . .

. . . a song based on a story by fourth graders, adapted and set to music by my ex and friend (yeah, I mean that), Roger, is back in That's Weird, Grandma! Come see the Mexicans fight Chalgo, The Man of Steel from Hell, as played by Anthony Courser in his last Grandma blast before he leaves for Seattle. It's biblical for reals y'all. We are rocking it old school.

Roger and I were together for five years, two of those in LA, and this song may well predate our relationship. That's how old I, and it, am, are. It's late.

I've been feeling bad for not posting, but I've mostly spent the weekend writing two papers -- got some revision and reading in on Friday. Currently reading: a giant stack of picture books, and, still, Gardner

Aside from that this weekend, I:

Saw my friends' now-giant baby for the first time since moving to LA two falls ago
Missed another friend's play for lack of parking
Played Apples to Apples (the DIY way) with some silly people
Found out what part I get to play in the Sharpe lady's show for Picked Up with The Neo-Futurists
Had a long and honest conversation where you get to say everything you want to say and feel like it makes at least a little bit of sense - very good

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