Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bootsy McGee

A while back, I wore a pair of fabulous, sleek, brown high-heeled boots out to That's Weird, Grandma. My fellow monkeys started calling me Bootsy McGee. Curtis said Bootsy McGee was a powerful lady with important things to do. Bootsy McGee, he said, would never blog about her dog -- if she kept a blog at all.

Can I not wear fabulous, sleek, brown high-heeled boots and blog about my dog?

Honestly, no, not at the same time. But I'm not wearing boots right now . . .

This is how Parker likes to spend her time at the dog park. She can be highly obsessive when it comes to pointless tasks, kind of like me, more than one person has noted. I think she just knows how to make a good time out of a little. Also like me.

It's probably become clear to anyone who follows this blog that I haven't worked on my novel since turning my packet in last Tuesday night. That's right, and I'm good with that. I don't know that I "decided" to take a break, but I think I deserved one. Today, I filed all my paperwork for the past semester, which means I'm officially done with it. Huge release.

I'm going to get back to writing now, not because I have to, but because I want to. I won't be setting strict goals to meet in the coming days -- I'm curious to see what gets done out of love.

Also, I'm pretty jealous of Marisha Pessl and liking her book a lot.

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Roger said...

Thank you for giving me my Parker fix.