Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flowers and vinegar

Things I'm learning by doing apartment therapy:

1) Vinegar is all-purpose: it cleans glass, it attracts gnats, repels ants, and tastes great on french fries
2) Gnats like sweet vinegar, but they freaking love Sierra Mist
3) Getting rid of things, especially bad artwork you made when you were in college, is hard
4) Matching fan blades make me happy
5) Flowers are inspiring -- cheesy but true

6) My apartment's not as terrible as I thought

And something I learned, not from apartment therapy, but from talking with my brilliant friend Kevin who visited this week -- laziness is basically a form of masochism.

It rang true with me when he said it, and since that talk I can't stop looking at things from that point of view. Old friends, they are wise.

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