Sunday, June 22, 2008

Words, words, words

I'm not writing enough of them this weekend. Not quickly anyway. If you count "chair time," I put in a lot, but I failed to focus well. I got a bit of work done on a section, largely new, for a decent if meager 716. Not that I didn't have a great weekend -- oh, I did.

All sorts of people are posting these fun word clouds from Wordle.

Here's what my novel looks like in its current state:

My advisor's been working with me on point of view, for one thing cutting out reportorial phrases like, "I know," and "I think." Look at that giant word, "know." While I'd like to believe it's there because my book contains so much revelation and self-discovery, "I know" that's not the case. I have plenty of work to do.


Spice Girl said...

how did you post your wordle? Couldn't do it, but it's so very cool.

Rachel Wilson said...

After you save in the gallery, you can select blogger as the way you want to "share" the image, and it will give you a blogger-specific embed code.