Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Numbers, schmumbers

A lazy day all around, but I got some writing done. Whenever I take a break, it's murder on my momentum. My brain's looking at the chapters I've revised and the ones I haven't and sees zero connection between the two. So I read the revised part again, with my advisor's feedback.

My feelings about my own work swing wildly between overconfidence and despair. Both serve a purpose, I think, at this point, but today, I was proud of what I've done. Things are coming together. When I finish this draft, I have a feeling I'll need to cut a lot for purposes of focus and figure out exactly what I'm achieving in each scene. I might be foolishly optimistic, but that work strikes me as puzzle-like, maybe even fun.

After reading, I wrote 388 words of mostly unusable mumblings, just to prove that's allowed. Then I revised a section that grew to be 1,156.

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