Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm a sage

Here's a rough itinerary of the Wilson family's progress as we tried to leave the house yesterday . . .

8:15 -- Mom wakes me up. Parker tells her to let me sleep. I do child's pose in bed for @ ten minutes.

8:25 -- Coffee. Mom tells me a traumatic story from her childhood that she's never shared before.

8:45 -- Dad shows his face at the front of the house for the first time. Breakfast.

9:00 -- Laura arrives promptly, ready to go, because we all said we would go, at 9.

9:20 -- Dad requests suitcases. Begin loading car. At this point, I'm thinking my prediction might have been ungenerous.

10:40 -- Never mind. Dad's in the yard with no shirt on.

Did I mention my parents live in the Garden of Eden?

10:50 -- Laura begins her stoic wait in the car. I enjoy the last of the coffee.

11:00 -- Mom tells me to tell Dad that she's starting the car.

11:10 -- Dad and I find Mom's backed out of the garage and closed the garage door behind her. Just as she's opening it to pull back into the garage and escape the heat, we walk under the door, triumphant.

11:15 -- We pull out of the driveway. My prediction: right on target.

I took this pic in Florala, "the magic town on the state line," as I used to call it in my book.

I think Florala's hit the cutting room floor, but you never know.

Whenever we go through Florala, they seem to be having some sort of Event, and they didn't let us down yesterday. They had every firetruck and policeman in town blocking off the main drag for children to play in the fire hoses. Fourth-of-July-week traffic wasn't happy, but we all made it.

Now I'm sitting in what will serve as my "office" for the next week. Not bad.

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