Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good to work

One last reminder that Barrel of Monkeys Celebration of Authors is tonight! For people in Chicago, free entertainment does not get any freer, or any awesome-er. Come!

Tutaj took this beautiful pic at rehearsal. I'll post some from the actual show at some point. We put this show together in all of five rehearsals, and it's been really hot, and there are lots of us, and we are noisy, and the musicians among us are scoring the show with a pit orchestra while the rest of us are trying to remember our lines, but the fact that we made it through last night's tech rehearsal without drama is a testament to how amazing the people in this company are.

I've been extra tetchy because along with that my work for the end of the semester is due tomorrow. Today. Is what I'm telling myself. So over the next four hours, I will be compiling and proofreading that. The paper turned out well, but was more of a monster than I anticipated, so I'll have to be satisfied with how far I got in creative revision. I'm still turning in a ton of stuff.

Wish me luck.