Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oil slicks

Don't slip. Things have been going so well. Get one of those sticky non-slip mats for the shower, and take the banana peels directly to the trash. 

Old habits die hard. I can't be late to rehearsal tomorrow. I won't.

And no unwashed dishes in the sink this time tomorrow. 

And don't lose revision momentum. 

And DON'T, I repeat, do not lie to yourself. 

Wait. How am I supposed to know if I'm lying to myself. Isn't the whole point of lying to be deceptive? 

And don't obsess. About any of those things.

But you just said to . . .

Well, obsess a little, but only just the right amount.

What's the right am --

Go to sleep, Rachel. Sleep. And be a better person in the morning.  

Define better.

Well, better in the sense that . . . you know, that you would . . . just, you know, not be so caught up in . . . I'm tired. Would you just go to bed? 

Bed. Bed is nice. True fact. 

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