Thursday, June 19, 2008

In case you still had doubts about my nerdiness . . .

I didn't even try to make it come out this way, but I'm so happy it did!

Your result for The What Middle Earth race do you belong to Test...


You scored 0% Size & Strength, 53% Morality, 53% Aggression, and 82% Intelligence.

You're an Elf! You scored low in size, high in morality, high in aggression and high in intelligence to get here. The first and favorite race created by the Valar, the Elves have been in Middle Earth for many ages, and are currently the only race allowed to join their creators in Valinor. Blessed with eternal life, enhanced senses, great beauty, wisdom and skill, the race of Elves still has several black marks on it. (Kinslaying, anyone?) But hey, no one is perfect, right? Of course not, but the Elves are damn close to it.

FYI, your polar opposite is the Troll.

Take The What Middle Earth race do you belong to Test at HelloQuizzy

Thanks to Patrick the Wizard for the link.


Lacy said...

eek! I'm totally a WIZARD!

I am psyched. I thought I'd be a hobbit because I can be such a lazy homeloving drunk.

You scored 0% Size & Strength, 82% Morality, 41% Aggression, and 65% Intelligence.


Dean said...

Geez. 0%? You guys are wusses.

Rachel Wilson said...

All that means is we scored lower than all the fronting nerdy boys who claim they could take out twenty ninjas before getting killed.

Several of my answers indicated average size and decent strength. I just don't measure up to the trolls.