Thursday, June 12, 2008

Done and done

Last night, Barrel of Monkeys Celebration of Authors ran me through most every emotion I'm capable of having, mostly the positive ones.

That's me and Geoff Rice sharing a romantic moment in the Bollywood extravaganza.

COA can be an overwhelming event -- audience over 400 people in a beautiful, classic theater with a balcony as high as the space is deep. Then you have kids who you've taught. One girl recognized me as her teacher in our after-school program THREE YEARS AGO -- and she's still in it. We performed her radio play "Red Riding Rag" last night.

Then there's the company -- the stress of rehearsing with so many people in such a short time, the desire not to let anyone down, the knowledge that you don't get to be together in the same way again for a while . . . and there's the joy that we get to do what we do, that we get to share it with such amazing people.

I'm going to stop myself because this could go on and on, but I wrote more about it on the Monkey blog.

Older Monkeys came from far and near to attend the show, some of whom I hadn't seen in months. I also had friends in from out of town -- my dear friend and former roommate Kevin with his wife and new baby. That alone would have made me cry for joy.

And on top of all that, I got my packet in, a day early as planned. I'm both relieved and sad the semester's over.

And I'm exhausted.

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Urraca said...

Your packet is in! Congrats!