Friday, June 27, 2008


So I'm with the fam in Birmingham, and tomorrow morning we drop off all three dogs and drive down to Rosemary Beach or thereabouts on the Florida panhandle. Since some of my novel is set there, I'm hoping to get in some writing.

I'll admit, when I'm with my family, I find it hard to do anything other than talk, eat, and watch TV, often all at the same time. Running errands is a bonding activity at the Wilson household too. My top priority when I'm home quickly turns into keeping company. No agenda of my own, little responsibility, and for the most part I love it. I can happily spend a whole day in the passenger seat of my mom's car while she drives I know not where. My sister and I have been known to watch crappy horror movies together 'til four in the morning.

Nothing wrong with that. It's just hard to do anything solitary while living with social creatures. It's hard to take time alone without hurting feelings -- or feeling like you're missing out for that matter. To my classmates who have families, I applaud you.

Even as I write, I'm aware my dad needs to get on the computer. It's nearly midnight, and he's still watering plants and checking reservations. I take after him, in that normally I can't finish preparing for a trip before four in the morning the night before. There's always one more thing to do. This last flight to Birmingham, I did better than I've done maybe ever before. I packed during the daytime, followed lists, didn't lock myself out of my house and my car at 5 am on the morning of my flight (but that's another story).

I can be that bad on my own. Put the whole family together, and you've got four different clocks clicking into each other. (Laura, to give credit where credit is due, will not make us late, so maybe it's three different clocks.)

So here's my prediction, and family, if I'm wrong, I shall never doubt you again. Well, I shall, but I'll keep my mouth shut about it.

We're supposed to leave at 9 am. Dad, as I've mentioned is currently taking care of odds and ends; Mom's setting her alarm for 7:30; Laura's showing up with Ripley at 9; I'm already packed since I just flew. Then it's in the car and to the kennel no later than 10.

I hereby predict we will leave the house no earlier than 11. Prove me wrong, family, prove me wrong.

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