Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday, you've changed

I'm midway through a paper on books in which the child protagonist has a dubious relationship with reality. The books I'm looking at aren't quite magic realism, because here the author comes down firmly on one side or the other of the reality line -- in magic realism the ambiguity is never resolved -- but the experience of doubt by both the main character and the reader can give them a similar feeling.

Woo, woo, Friday night!

Last night, I had a lovely dinner and saw Avenue Q to celebrate a friend's birthday, so I can't say I haven't done anything fun lately, but I do miss the weekend meaning something. So many of my friends work freelance or theater schedules that I can never depend on people acknowledging the weekend. I'm truly on the fence about whether to go out for another friend's birthday tonight or whether to keep working on this paper. I need to work steadily so that I get my packet in before Celebration of Authors on Tuesday night, and I've got a lot of rehearsal between now and then, but I also respect that my brain's a bit fried right now.

Lots of my friends have birthdays this time of year, and even more in April and May, which says something to me about creative people who like to work with children being born in the spring, and something about the end of summer being a really fun time to make out.

Currently reading: The Fantastic in Literature by Eric S. Rabkin

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