Saturday, June 7, 2008

Something in my eye

I'm looking at a photo of my family that's one of my favorites because everyone looks genuinely happy. We have others of individual members or pairs looking happy, but ones where everyone's smiles look real aren't as easy to find. That doesn't even mean we weren't all happy in the other pictures -- maybe one of us caught something in an eye -- but there's something magic about a picture that captures everyone as you hope they are.

If I took a picture of all my friends tonight, I wonder how many of them would have real smiles. A lot, I think, but surely one or two of them are unhappy about something big or small. Then again, a lot of my friends are actors. Their pictures might fool me. Lacy got married today. I'm hoping she and Brandon are genuinely and abundantly happy, and not just in the pictures.

My people have been tossing the term "first world problems" around lately. A little reminder of perspective. An annoying CTA ride, a broken Xbox, mismatched cutlery . . . all first world problems. Most of my problems, and those of my friends, are first world problems for sure.

Having something caught in your eye, doesn't even count as a first world problem. That's just an annoyance, but it can mar a picture.

I wanted to talk tonight, but it's probably best we didn't.

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