Thursday, June 5, 2008


My new date for "official summer" will be Wednesday when I turn my packet in.

Weirdly, Chicago hasn't been looking like summer. It's looking like purgatory. I kind of like it. It suits revision, but I hope the fog is lifting.

Revised somewhere around 2,500 yesterday, combining two big sections and made what I'm going to generously call a break-through on a shorter one. A friend recently gave me some feedback on my manuscript and repeatedly advised me to simplify where possible, suggesting that two good ideas too close together can cancel each other out. Yes, yes. I had one of those "duh" moments while revising yesterday where I realized I'd needlessly complicated a major plot point for no good reason. Very satisfying to make it simpler.

I also attended another fantastic rehearsal for Celebration of Authors. This is what it looks like when the entire Barrel of Monkeys company gets together to rehearse for COA:

Rehearsals for this show are saving me from myself in a week when the only other thing on my mind is wrapping up my second semester at Vermont. My advisor offered to let me send my whole novel in my last packet, which is lovely, but overwhelming. I've been trucking along with revision, but I've also got to write a big paper by next Wednesday. Well, really by Tuesday because I don't plan to do any work the day after Celebration of Authors.

Today, I finished the main book I'll be referencing in the aforementioned big paper, Christina Meldrum's Madapple, a deliciously weird book that I'm pleased to see classified as YA. It's literary, original, and encompasses some pretty daring views on religion. Now for some work on that paper, and shopping for groceries and cleaning supplies . . . Apartment, I haven't forgotten you!

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